We Provide the Custom Aluminum Solutions You Need

The DARLEX team is committed to providing customers with the most complete line of aluminum
extrusions and accessories. We offer the fastest and most flexible solutions for the design and
construction of modular mechanical structures.

Whether you already have a design and simply require the parts, or you need experienced professionals
to help craft the perfect solution, you’re in the right hands with DARLEX. We can provide assistance
wherever it is needed, from conception to installation or from the simplest of sketches to finished
engineered drawings.

Our solution services include a complete manufacturing and assembly facility, on‐site consultation, and
CAD design capabilities for enclosure or machine base requirements.

We maintain a high level of inventory, and have dedicated design and build teams who can assist you in
making your structural requirements a reality. Our teams will ensure you get the design you need,
correctly and on time.

Your Options

1. Raw Materials

This option allows you to order the materials you need directly from our catalog. You can draw from
our in‐house stock when your production requires profiles (lengths of up to 6 meters) and related
products to be integrated into your manufacturing process.

Customers working within tight project timelines can count on same day shipments.

2.  Design and Ship a Kit

Send us your rough sketch or completed drawing and we will design, build, and ship your structure in kit
form. Our product line is easy and quick to work with; your staff will easily be able to assemble and
install the product.

3. Design and Ship Assembled

From your sketch or completed drawing, we will design, build, assemble, and ship the finished product
to your facility. This is a great option if you do not have any personnel in‐house who are able to
assemble the structure.

4. Design and Install On‐site

Provide your sketch or completed drawing, and we will design, build, and ship your aluminum extrusion
solution to your facility. Our team will then arrive on‐site and install the product for you.

Simply request a quote and tell us what you need. We’re happy to work with you to achieve the best
possible solution.