North America’s Trusted Aluminum Extrusion System Experts

For over 10 years Darlex has provided an innovative approach to the traditional challenge of the design and construction of mechanical structures. Darlex is a North American based company dedicated to serving customers the best solutions, services and quality products in the industry. Privately owned and managed Darlex’s key loyalty is to its customers and employees.

From Design to Installation

The key components are our expanding line of aluminum extrusions and specialized fastening systems as well as the myriad of accessories. We maintain a high inventory level and can provide next day delivery on our stock lengths and accessories.

But Darlex’s real key is its dedicated design and build teams that can assist you in making your structural requirements a reality. Starting with the crudest of sketches to finished engineered drawings we will ensure you get the design you require correctly and on time — you provide us with the design or we can do it for you. Vickers-Warnick, Darlex’s parent company, has been in the machine safety and automation business for over 30 years. We are familiar with industrial requirements, CSA and OSHA standards.

The Darlex team is constantly looking for new ways to expand its capabilities and take advantage of its collective experience. This ensures your structure has the strength and form it requires along with the most cost-effective solution for your business. 

Product Capabilities

Aluminum is light, strong and easy to work with, adaptable to complex shapes, and cost-effective — it looks good too. We can only give you the highlights of the many ways you can use the system to your advantage. Here are some of the most interesting design features:

The Material

The profiles are the 6000 Series of aluminum, extruded in conformance to DIN 17615 or similar standards. All unmachined surfaces are natural anodized to a minimum thickness of 12 µm; or powder coated in safety yellow; or powder coated to your specifications. With a tensile strength of 250 N/mm2. DARLEX offers strength and stability for sound designs.

Profile Cross Section

Planned for maximum strength relative to weight. Note the hollow cores which provide exact alignment for the connectors and because of the rifling grooves, are easy to tap for a M16 thread — for feet or caster stems.

Longitudinal Slots

The 10 mm wide slots serve several purposes. They are the retainers for the “T” heads of the connectors, and receptacles for “T” bolts and insertion nuts. They also serve as grooves for panels (tempered glass, plastic, particleboard, guard mesh, etc.). By using a slot reducer accessory, the width can be reduced to 8 mm or 6 mm.

Tracked Profiles

Two sizes of tracked profiles are available for sliding panel designs.

Power Provision

The 50 x 100 and 100 x 100 have central and auxiliary longitudinal chambers which can serve as pneumatic manifolds with distribution options, cylinders for actuators, wiring channels, etc.


Please contact our office  with any request you may have — we look forward to being your structural aluminum problem solvers.