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Sliding Door

Aluminum Sliding Door Guard

Existing Conditions

A restrictive and brittle acrylic guard that was accessible from underneath and contained safety limit switches that could be easily bypassed.

DarlexCounterBalanceThe Challenge

To design, manufacture and assemble a guarding solution that incorporated: full maintenance accessibility; pre-mounted safety interlock switches; and an improved operational design while still keeping operator safety a priority.

The Solution

A solution that meets all of the design criteria including a seamless transfer from the old structure to the new guard and can be provided in either clear anodized or powder coated yellow finish at NO extra cost to our client.

Standard Perimeter Guard from Aluminum Extrusion

Existing ConditionsAluminum Perimeter Guard in Safety Yellow

New production line.

The Challenge

To design and build a perimeter guard that addressed and met the requirement for North American Safety Standards.

The Solution

A perimeter guard that included:

  • 50 X 50 mm Yellow powder coated 4-slot aluminum extrusion.
  • Panels constructed using 1 inch by 1 inch black powder coated grid guard with accompanying grid gasket (to ensure grid guard is securely fastened).
  • Dimensional minimums were incorporated: 1. 6 inch clearance from floor to the bottom side of the bottom 50 X 50mm member 2. 78 inch height of structure.